Vote for Cope

Campaign slogan

The Congress of the People believes that South Africa deserves a better government – and your vote can deliver it. 

Mission statement

COPE believes in a reliable, accountable and incorruptible government, that is efficient and credible. It must be a government of the people, by the people, for the people and, importantly, with the people. 
COPE wishes to redefine the concept of government. People must be assisted with a sustainable hands-up approach, rather than a hand-out approach which collapses when the funds run out. 

Executive summary of the COPE Manifesto

We, the Congress of the People, are committed to: 

  • Advancing democracy with a social bias and a climate favourable for entrepreneurial engagement, so that the people of our country are empowered with state support to help themselves.
  • Unswervingly protecting the rights that are guaranteed in the Constitution.
  • Improving the basic education system so that it meets market demands.
  • Improving service delivery by enhancing the training of civil servants so that professionalism and expertise within the civil service become defining features.
  • Empowering women in all works of life through the creation of a dedicated “women’s fund”, and by especially encouraging women to engage in small, medium and micro businesses.
  • Promoting a professional police service that is adequately resourced and trained to combat crime, manage protests and protect civilians under all circumstances.
  • Fostering strong relations between crime prevention institutions, businesses, NGOs and civilians.
  • Speeding up justice by, among other things, adding community courts to the criminal justice system and by promoting the use of restorative justice so that the law becomes both accessible and affordable to all.
  • Improving healthcare by ensuring that it is professionally administered.
  • Investing resources into vigorous human development, considering that this is the best way for people to get out of poverty and to participate successfully in co-operatives, empowerment schemes, entrepreneurial activities and self-empowerment.
  • Respecting and protecting the environment by actively and consistently encouraging the use of renewable energy, and utilising scarce resources in a sustainable manner.
  • Reducing the ballooning state debt by downsizing government and making the economy grow again.
  • Eradicating corruption by promoting transparency and openness and by requiring the Public Finance Management Act and Municipal Finance Management Act to be applied stringently.
  • Demanding that all public representatives who represent COPE will undertake to be legallty compliant, honest, transparent, ethical, accountable, efficient and responsive at all times.
  • Proceeding on the basis that the Constitution of South Africa is the supreme law of the country and must enjoy uncontested supremacy in all circumstances.