COPE WELCOME THE RELEASE OF THE FEES COMMISSION REPORT - But questions whether Zuma will act rationally.

  • November 13, 2017 | Glacier Nkhwashu

COPE WELCOME THE RELEASE OF THE FEES COMMISSION REPORT - But questions whether Zuma will act rationally.




COPE welcomes the release of the Heher Commission Report into the Feasibility of Fee-Free Higher Education and Training in South Africa.

COPE remains perplexed and concerned as to why the Report was not released earlier and notes the President’s advice that he will make a pronouncement on the report once the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Higher Education Funding has processed the report and concluded their work.

COPE notes that market confidence in government and the Rand continues to weaken upon speculation that Zuma, who has clearly gone rogue, may be aiming to implement Fee-Free Higher Education and Training despite the findings of the Report. 

The fact is that there is amble evidence to suggest that Zuma may once again act irrationally.

This concern has been heightened by the resignation of Treasury Budget Head, Michael Sacks and what appears to be a deliberate weakening of Treasury control over budgetary matters.

Added to this, COPE is concerned at reports which point to the involvement of the State Security Agency in fostering the FeesMustFall movement and allegations made by former Minister Nzimande of the involvement of some of his ‘comrades’ in the fueling of student protests as part of the factional battles within the ANC and its Alliance partners.

Of concern to COPE at this point in time is that in his Press Release, the Presidency has failed to indicate that the Commission found that notwithstanding that higher education is regarded as an NDP apex priority, there is (in the view of the commission) insufficient financial capacity in the state to provide totally free higher education and training to all who are unable to finance their own education, let alone all students, whether in need or not; or that the commission proffers the view that that provision of totally free education is not necessarily in the best interests of the expansion of our Higher Education and training sector.

COPE hopes that sanity will prevail; that Zuma won’t abuse this matter seeking his ‘Lula moment’; that he won’t make a Machiavellian move that will damage our Higher Education sector and bankrupt South Africa.

Issued by the Congress of the People  (COPE )

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