• September 06, 2017 | Deidre Carter


Madame Speaker and fellow South Africans….
As a nation we face an unprecedented crisis founded in corrupted leadership, bad governance and poor policy choices.
At Ground Zero of this calamity - is not the continued illegitimate presidency of Mr. Zuma - but rather this House, the National Assembly – under the tyranny of an ANC majority.
It is after all, Parliament that is elected to represent the people and to ensure government by the people and for the people under the Constitution.
It is this house that chooses the President.
It is this house that must ensure that power is not abused and a tyranny not established - by scrutinizing and overseeing executive action – and by ensuring Accountability.
It is this house that has the power and obligation to fire a illegitimate president - and his complicit executive.
And yet, it is under an ANC majority, that the President and his collaborators has been allowed unchecked power to corrupt, capture and paralyze much of our state.
It is simply outrageous that, despite overwhelming evidence of gross betrayal, the ANC remain intent on protecting an illegitimate  President – at the expense of a nation.
The ANC have derailed this the 5th Parliament of democratic South Africa.
Under the ANC’s tyranny, Parliament and government as a whole has lost its integrity, credibility and moral legitimacy.
It’s clear that the ANC can no longer be trusted to govern …. And that …
South Africa must now save itself from the ANC!
We need a new political, ethical and moral center other than the ANC!
We need a new government!
 As the South African Council of Churches have pointed out, the ANC have lost the Moral, Constitutional, and Legal legitimacy to continue to govern.
Government (by this I mean both Parliament and the Executive) is in breach of its Constitutional duties as set out in section 41 of the Constitution:
• This government has failed to secure the well-being of the people of the Republic;
• This government has failed to provide effective, transparent, accountable and coherent government for the country as a whole; and
• This government has failed to be loyal to the Constitution, the Republic and its people.
At first we were concerned about the readiness of the IEC to hold a snap election. We can now confirm that the IEC is indeed ready to hold a snap election and that it would not be affected by the High Court Ruling. 
The Congress of the People has been at the forefront of the calls for the dissolution of Parliament as far back as 2015, given its failure to give effect to its duties and supports the principle of the motion in calling for the dissolution of the National Assembly but under the current circumstances, tactically we will be abstaining.
Debate speech by Deidre Carter
Member of Parliament | Chief Whip | Deputy General Secretary
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