• April 09, 2018 | Pakes Dikgetsi



The Congress of the People (COPE) is gravely concerned by utterances made by members of the African National Congress attacking our judiciary.


South Africa is a constitutional democracy, meaning that we are a country governed by laws and those laws should be applied equally to all citizens, regardless of their position in society. The Congress of the People is a firm believer in the rule of law and constitutionalism. We subscribe to the values and principles of the constitution and are determined to protect the Constitution. We are therefore extremely disturbed by the posture taken by ANC members who in their attempts to divert attention from the real issues in this decades long case against the ANC’s former President Jacob Zuma, have decided to paint the judiciary as the real enemy.


The real problem is the ANC. Instead of being the instrument to rid the country of corruption, it has been the catalyst of corruption at all levels of government.


The Congress of the People is equally concerned by the deafening silence from the ANC leadership in condemning its supporters who continue to spread propaganda, damaging one of the very few arms of state that stood up against corruption in government, without fear of favour. As the Congress of the People, we will not stand by and watch the ANC damage the few remaining institutions that have held “leaders” in positions of power and influence accountable.


The ANC stood by and ululated while Jacob Zuma brought the country to the brink of collapse, and the latest demonstrations by members of the ANC in support of a man who single handedly brought the country to its knees is a prime example of why the ANC is no longer fit to be a leader of society, and in government.


If this kind of behavior is allowed to fester, the consequences for South Africans will be dire. As a country we have pinned our hopes and trust in the judiciary to see justice served without fear, favour or prejudice as enshrined in section 165(1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa. South Africans must be vigilant and not fall for these tactics by the Jacob Zuma mobsters, whose sole purpose is to sell Zuma as a victim of a faction in the ANC. Jacob Zuma is an accused and he has the right to a fair court procedure, and all South Africans must respect the independence of our courts, and judicial processes. 


As Congress of the People, we call upon the ANC to condemn its members from intimidating the judiciary, and desist from disrespecting the country's judicial authority. The ANC, as the governing party, has the duty to protect, defend and adhere to the judiciary. The long arm of the law must execute its cause.




Issued by the Congress of the People (COPE).


Contacts Person:

Pakes Dikgetsi.

COPE National Chairperson| Member of the Nothern Cape Provincial Legislature.

083 361 1072 (WhatsApp only)

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