• February 16, 2017 | Dennis Bloem

Congress of the People knows nothing about a certain Elias Muller who masqueraded as a former COPE member and commented on issues concerning the Tshwane City.

We have seen the article in The Citizen newspaper published on Wednesday, 15th February 2017, where Muller made serious allegations about the Tshwane Executive Mayor that he didn’t follow the right procedures when appointing Moeketsi Mosala as the City Manager. COPE distances itself from Muller’s utterances. We are saying Muller is not a member of our Party and for him to link himself with COPE was not only opportunistic but malicious and inappropriate as well as misleading.

COPE says his statement is misleading and it can be misunderstood. We don’t share common ground with Muller. His damaging utterances may also cause division and mistrust within the coalition partners in the City. We just hope this is not yet another "War Room" tactics to cause instability within the coalition government of the City of Tshwane.

We do have a representative in the City of Tshwane and is part of the coalition government there. In the previous council sitting took place in January, we have voted for the recommendations to appoint Mr  Mosala together with other coalition partners and for COPE to now turn around, go to the Media and present an opposing view would be ridiculous and naive.

This gentle man wants to portray an image of a COPE that is divided and also to put the coalition into disarray. It would have been sufficed for him to state his personal opinion without attaching COPE next to his name.

Elias Muller is not a member of COPE; he cannot be our spokes person.

Our representative in the City of Tshwane Council is Cde Selata Nkwane wa'Nkwane and he is best suited to represent COPE there.  Alternatively, the Tshwane regional structure would.  It is also worth noting that this Elias Muller is not even a resident of Tshwane but from North West. Ends


Dennis Bloem
COPE Spokesperson