• February 16, 2017 | Dennis Bloem

The 441 soldiers deployed to protect the illegitimate and disgraced so called President Zuma during his State of the Nation Address last week are still in Cape Town and will be present and visible around Parliament when Zuma delivers his response on Sona Debate today.

We say Zuma must take full responsibility for the disruption and chaos that happened during his SONA. He knows very well that his presence only invites tension; wherever he is there’s chaos.

 Congress of the People is hoping that when Zuma respond to his Mickey Mouse State of the Nation Address, he will start by condemning the violence meted out to the elected public representatives, how members of the Economic Freedom Fighters were man-handled and assaulted including claims that Julius Malema’s private parts were squeezed by the Speaker Baleka Mbete's Bouncers.

We hope that he will deal with the disgraceful behaviour of his party MPs who were swearing and using unbecoming language against the oppositions, and labelled one member as a " Straat Meid “.

COPE wants to reiterate our position that we continue with our principled protestation against the illegal occupation of Mr Zuma in the Office of the President. Ends!

Dennis Bloem
COPE Spokesperson